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Data Centers in Tysons Corner, Virginia

Data centers and fiber lines in Tysons Corner

There are 5 data centers in Tysons Corner. Of these, 1 data center facility are carrier neutral, with the remainder split between 0 non-neutral data centers and 4 that we haven't been able to confirm one way or the other. We have identified 3 facility buildings that these data centers operate out of, although we are still working on identifying facility buildings for 1 facility. There are 2 fiber cables running through Tysons Corner, which we have mapped out above.

Carrier Neutral Data Centers in Tysons Corner

Data centers at 1755 Old Meadow Rd
Level(3) McLean
1755 Old Meadow Rd, McLean, 22102
Remote Hands, Cabinets, Client Servers, Dedicated Servers, VPS, Offices, Suites, and Cages
Cables: Zayo (within 73.43 ft)

Tysons Corner's Other Data Centers

Data centers at 7990 Quantum Drive and 7990 Science Applications Ct
There are 2 data centers in this building:
Element Critical Northern Virginia VA1
7990 Quantum Drive, Vienna, 22182
Cables: Zayo and Fiberlight Network

Equinix Vienna, VA (DC7)
7990 Science Applications Ct, Suite 1, Vienna, 22180
Cables: Zayo and Fiberlight Network

Data centers at 8100 Boone Blvd
Gosnell - International Gateway 1 (8100 Boone)
8100 Boone Blvd, Vienna, 22182
Cables: Fiberlight Network

 Data centers at
Equinix Vienna (DC8)
8502A Tyco Rd, Vienna, 22180

Frequently Asked Questions about Data Centers in Tysons Corner, Virginia

How many data centers are in Tysons Corner?

Tysons Corner has 1 neutral and 4 unknown data centers. These include Element Critical Northern Virginia VA1, Equinix Vienna (DC8), and Equinix Vienna, VA (DC7)

How many data center facilities have been built in Tysons Corner?

We have identified 3 data center facility buildings in Tysons Corner.

Which fiber cable lines run through Tysons Corner?

Tysons Corner has 2 fiber cables running through it, including Zayo and Fiberlight Network.